STS Merit List: How to Check If You're on the List

Are you waiting to find out if you’ve made it into the top 10 students of your school? Do you want to know how to check if you’re on the merit list of Sukkur Grammar School for Boys or Sukkur Grammar School for Girls in Sindh, Pakistan?

Read this article to find out how to check your STS Merit List from STS Sukkur and STS IBA Sukkur! You can also learn about PST, JEST and SELD exams, which are used by universities to select their new students.

What Is The Standard Test Selection (STS)?

The Standard Test Selection (STS) is an aptitude test conducted by IDPs in Sukkur, Pakistan. It has 3 sections: Section A (English), Section B (Math), and Section C (General Intelligence).

The candidates who take STS are ones who have qualified PST and are looking to receive a seat at IBA or other leading institutions. After taking these tests, students can check their results online via email. 

The three-section process of STS is as follows: 

Section A contains 30 questions that must be completed within 40 minutes. Questions consist of multiple choice answers with four possible choices for each question. Each correct answer earns one mark while incorrect answers deduct 0.25 marks from your score . 

Section B contains 45 questions that must be completed within 50 minutes . Questions consist of multiple choice answers with four possible choices for each question. Each correct answer earns one mark while incorrect answers deduct 0.25 marks from your score . 

Section C contains 50 questions that must be completed within 60 minutes . Questions consist of multiple choice answers with four possible choices for each question. Each correct answer earns one mark while incorrect answers deduct 0.25 marks from your score . 

The total score is calculated by adding up scores from Sections A, B, and C and dividing it by three (for STS). This is your final score out of 300 which determines whether you are placed in a merit list or not.

The minimum cut-off score is 240 which means that if you have scored more than 240 points, you will be placed in a merit list and can receive an IBA seat via STS.

How to Check If You Are On The List?

The first step is to find out whether you have been shortlisted or not, so check if your name appears in any of these lists. However, keep in mind that only you will be able to check your own result.

Now that you know for sure whether or not you are included in any of these lists, make sure to double-check with an independent source as well. A good way of doing that is asking someone from STS counselling team (or another reliable source) to help you access these lists online and confirm whether or not your name appears on them.

This will ensure that there has been no mistake while listing down the students who made it through merit list cuts. Also, remember that even if you don't appear in any of these lists, it doesn't mean that you aren't on merit list.

Your name could have appeared in a separate category called others which includes names of those candidates whose rank falls below all other categories but above cutoff marks. In case you don't appear anywhere else but do see your name listed under others, then congratulations! 

That means you've been selected for admission via merit list. Even though getting a seat via merit list can be quite a nerve-wracking experience at times, just try to stay calm and composed throughout; after all, nothing's set in stone yet!

All we can do now is wait until admissions open up and hope for the best! Good luck! 5. Make Sure You’re On The Merit List: 

After finding out about their admission status, applicants should also check if they have actually been shortlisted or not. To do so, they need to go through both private and public merit lists that get published by IBA Sukkur along with results announcements.

Once applicants have found their names on these lists, they should immediately contact IBA Sukkur for further clarification about their results because sometimes wrong information gets published online due to human error. 

Therefore, it’s always better to take precautionary measures than regretting later on when things don’t turn out exactly how you expected them to be.

What Are My Chances?

No one likes uncertainty. When it comes to STS, most people are interested in knowing how likely they are to make it through (or not). But then again, as with many things in life, there’s no way of knowing for sure.

All you can do is try your best and let everything else play out how it plays out. Even if you end up not making it, don’t feel like all your effort was a waste—there’s a good chance that you learned something new and might end up even better-prepared for next year!

Just remember that chances are everything will work out just fine so enjoy whatever STS opportunity you find yourself in and have fun! And also know that everyone around you is probably feeling pretty much exactly what you’re feeling.

The key is to believe in yourself, trust your preparation, and go into every exam giving it your absolute best shot. And above all else, keep working hard!

That's what really matters at the end of the day. And by working hard I mean getting some sleep tonight so that tomorrow morning isn't too rough ;) Good luck!! 

Every single person preparing for JEST and PST has an equal chance of making it or not based off their own merit. So your chances aren't affected by whether or not someone else gets/doesn't get selected before/after you.

The only thing that affects these odds is how well YOU perform during selection! They'll select roughly 2000 students from each board, so obviously there's always going to be more competition during selections but ultimately anyone can get selected if they study enough and put their minds to it. So focus on yourself, give it your all, and be confident :) It should be awesome regardless :D

What Are My Options Now?

The STS merit list is a crucial step in getting into one of Pakistan’s top engineering schools, but once you’re there, life doesn’t get any easier. The good news is that there are many ways to stand out from your peers and even secure a scholarship at SUST.

Here are some tips for improving your chances of success in college and beyond. We recommend you take notes! (Tip #1) Don't Forget About Other Scholarships: Besides being accepted into an engineering school, you might also be eligible for other scholarships offered by organizations such as local governments or private businesses.

A little research will go a long way towards helping pay off student loans after graduation! (Tip #2) Study Hard and Make Friends!: If you want to graduate with honors, all it takes is dedication and time management skills. To make friends with people who share similar interests as yourself, join clubs or associations like Toastmasters International or IEEE Student Branch Sukkur Chapter .

(Tip #3) Get Involved!: Every university needs students who are willing to work hard both inside and outside of classrooms. Volunteering can help build your resume while giving back to society. Consider joining programs like Engineers Without Borders or United Nations Volunteers .

(Tip #4) Be Confident!: In addition to academic prowess, employers are looking for well-rounded individuals who can communicate effectively and think critically. Join a debate club or start your own business venture to gain real-world experience.

What Can I Do To Improve My Marks Next Year?

Well, you can start by focusing more. It’s easy for us to drift off in class (especially if we’re paying attention anyway), but that’s a surefire way to finish with a poor grade—and it won’t help you at all when it comes time for your exams.

Find a study group that can keep you motivated, and stick with it. Use last year's exams as practise tests for your revision and get help from teachers or students who did well in previous years.

Focus might not be enough though; it also depends how much effort you put into learning what is being taught in class. Don't just listen passively to your teacher talk about history or science, try to understand and absorb everything they are saying.

That will make it easier for you to recall information later on when you need it most. Finally, don't forget to have fun! Studying isn't supposed to be torture, so enjoy yourself while you do it.

The better mood you're in while studying, the better results you'll get! Good luck next year!

STS Merit List PST and JEST 2022 IBA Sukkur SELD

How to check if you are in PST JEST and SELD for IBA Sukkur. The SSC Result 2018 is also available here. This is a most popular site for all public sector department jobs of Pakistan including Pakistan Army, Navy, Air Force, Civilian and more.

The above table will show you whether your name is there in merit list of Sukkur IBA or not. Here we have uploaded pdf file with complete information about STS Merit List, so please download it from below link and get your results easily.

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